Store window wrapping

Advertising on websites

We offer window wrapping in Poznan and surrounding areas. A properly designed website and point of sale image is a huge marketing tool. You have a mini billboard in the form of store windows.

Full professionalism - window wrapping in Poznan

We are able to create a large bold unique or, if you prefer, minimalist store window design. When we perform store window wrapping, we maintain a high standard of quality in print design and final execution. As in the case of wrapping office spaces, we use the same methods for printing on film, cutting decorative films, frosted films and dedicated large-format printing such as one way vision film.

Depending on the manufacturer, we have a wide variety of films, ranging from classic decorative films, printed full-color films, polymer films for plotter cutting, to protective films. Each of the above comes in widths ranging from: 50cm, 106cm, 123cm, 152cm. In the case of printed films, it is possible to protect the print with an additional colorless, matte or glossy laminate. We can get very interesting effects by combining different films and techniques.

Window covering - types of film

Frosted milk foil

A relatively inexpensive and easy way to give a matte effect to glass surfaces, these are films that imitate frosted glass. Any decorative elements can be cut out of the film, or the glazing can be covered in its entirety by adding a company logo or other information. The frosted films we use are durable and diffuse light beautifully. Decorative and stained glass films offer similar opportunities, except that they transmit light more and are produced in more colors. For your safety, we recommend anti-burglary and security films, as well as anti-sun films.

One way vision film

One-way vision film, or colloquially punched film, is ideal for places where the priority is to display advertising content and protect privacy at the same time. The film has a perforated surface with small holes, thanks to which we have the ability to mount advertising content on store windows, public transport or car windows. Perforation allows full visibility from the inside through a window or display case. The material also protects against UV rays. The film can be printed with solvent and UV printing.

Monomeric film

Full monomer film allows complete coverage of the surface to be covered. Compared to one way vision film, this film blocks light to a great extent. It is a short-term film. With an additional matte or glossy laminate, we can extend the life of the prints. The film provides full-color printing with a maximum roll width of 160 cm.

Window wrapping - realizations


Covering balconies with milky/frosted film:

A great way to create a more private area on balconies is to use frosted film. Frosted films are films that imitate frosted glass but are much cheaper. more durable and diffuse light beautifully. In addition, they are much more aesthetically pleasing than temporary plastic curtains.

We offer wrapping:

  • Store window wrapping
  • Beautician salon wrapping
  • Wrapping of office glazing
  • Window wrapping in shopping malls
  • Covering balconies with milky, frosted film
  • Wrapping of non-standard elements

The price of window wrapping depends on:

  • Glazing sizes
  • The type of film used
  • Installation sites (access, installation height)
  • Do you have a project,
  • For an accurate quote, please provide: dimensions and send photos. We can also arrange for measurements and agree on the details at the installation site.