We wrap cars 

in Poznań

Advertising on the car

Do you live in Poznań and are interested in professional advertising on vehicles? We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. You can increase the potential of your company by wrapping your cars or vans with foil: partial or complete wrapping with full-color graphics. In the process of preparing designs, we try to make them original and clear as well as reflect the nature of the business. Our knowledge and experience enable us to realize any client's vision, as well as the safe and reversible process of advertising car wrapping.

We will adapt to customers' needs - advertising on vehicles Poznań

We perform car wrapping using a variety of printing techniques or graphics are cut out with a plotter. Despite the seemingly small area, we have huge advertising potential. For the most part, advertising on vehicles is mainly used on sheet metal components. However, when deciding on large-scale advertising for a car, we have the option of wrapping the windows as well. Depending on your needs, it can be a solid film or an OWV "punched" film. It is worth considering what the main message will be before consulting with our graphic designer.

Wrapping films - The quality and guarantee is in the materials!