Spatial letters

3D letters

One of the many elements of advertising, whether indoor or outdoor, are spatial letters for the wall. We create logos, 3D letters and decorative elements from plexiglass, pvc, dibond, wood, plywood or  styrodur. From smaller forms to larger two-meter figures. We can additionally paint them in RAL color or enhance them with a front made of pvc, plexiglass or dibond. Solutions for making block letters are many. Each of the above-mentioned materials can be combined with each other to give additional aesthetic qualities. 

Plexiglas letters and elements,  dibond or wood They are ideal for making interior signage for buildings, offices, store space. Laser cutting offers the possibility of obtaining items of very high quality. In addition, we have a wide range of materials to choose from in different colors with the possibility of painting, veneering and printing. We provide easy and fast installation.