Wrapping of trailers

Marking of tractor-trailers

More and more companies are expanding their fleet of cars. This is influenced by the dynamic growth of businesses or the nature of the work. In many industries, trucks are mobile advertising for their owners. Awareness of the promotion is growing and its reach is unlimited.
Tractor-trailers, box trucks, dump trucks or trailers have the perfect space to communicate to potential customers what your company does. The specifics of the aforementioned vehicles provide ample design opportunities. Depending on demand and guidelines, we prepare designs to match the client's vision. At this atap we can jointly determine the type of graphics for the car taking into account the type of materials used. The process takes into account financial and quality assumptions. Marking trucks with full-color printed graphics offers great graphic possibilities. It is unlimited photographic as well as textual form. Film application in this case is more complicated but produces more spectacular results.

Large-format prints for truck wrapping are made on substrates from reputable manufacturers, so we guarantee high quality and durability of the service. We can also adjust the cost of the film( cast film, polymer film) and its durability according to budget assumptions.
Excellent exposure of image content makes the one-time cost of advertising truck wraps relatively small and pays for itself quickly.
The cost of wrapping is influenced by many factors with customers' needs varying greatly. Therefore, our team will present a solution that is most beneficial and tailored to your company's needs.

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When you do not have your own truck graphic design, we will be happy to prepare it for you.

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Benefits of truck wrapping


Increasing brand awareness, properly branded trucks attract the attention of potential customers whenever they are on the road.


Advertising on a tractor-trailer is a relatively inexpensive form of promotion, given its reach and exposure time. Even with the use of small graphics, we achieve a brand recognition effect.


Wrapping your vehicle with a full-color print protects your vehicle from scratches and other forms of damage like road stones. The advertising wrapping of a truck can be treated as a protective film.


Wrapping is a reversible process, advertising can be easily removed. If the company changes branding or starts promoting a different product, or if the car is to be replaced by a new one. Removal and installation of new advertising can be done in a short time.